Who should we as Believers in Yeshua vote for this election?
Months ago my wife asked me if I thought Howard Dean would beat President Bush in the upcoming election. She's recently expressed more interest in the Government because a couple months ago... she got her American citizenship. She wants to be a responsible voter so she's been asking lots of questions. I think this is great! Well, I told her that in all the past Presidential elections, the one who takes an early lead never wins. This is the way it's always been and Democrat and Republican leaders are aware of that. When many conservative Christians were scared that Dean might have a shot at leading our country, running around and panicking at every outrageous statement he made, we had peace. I've watched many of Dean's speeches etc on the television and there's been more then once if I've wondered if even he believed some of the more outrageous claims he made. Is it possible that Dean was only a ploy made by the democrat leaders? Did they send him out front, knowing he couldn't win, to make extreme leftist statements in just about every area of politics and opinion and now they are bringing out their real candidates while Dean has made them appear as "moderate"? Even conservatives are now saying things like "well Kerry's not so bad" and "Clark isn't a radical like Dean". Is this all part of the setup? This doesn't need to be a vast conspiracy theory. I'm just asking is this part of the political games they play everyday in Washington? It seems likely.
As far as Clark goes, it's hard to take him serious too. He is backed by the Clintons and that does say a lot, as the Clintons are still the backbone of the Democratic Party. He recently did a cover shot for the homosexual magazine "parade" and he dressed like one of their own for their magazine and showed support for the homosexual community. This man was a General in our Armed Forces. My brother was even under his command years ago. It only goes to show how a man of honor can be corrupted by the lusts of power and money. Clark now has no honor. It's sad to see a man of his age on the quick road to hell.
Now what about John Kerry? He's looking like a more serious contender. Is he really a moderate of any kind? I say he's not a moderate at all. If we look at his positions and stance on some of the issues I'm sure you'd agree. Let's first look at the positive traits that he seems so proud of and then we'll look at what he doesn't tell you. Kerry is a distinguished Vietnam War veteran earning the coveted "silver star". He has also been a strong voice in POW issues and has backing from the veterans of America. But let's look again and see what that means to Kerry himself. Did you know that Kerry also led many anti-war demonstrations against the Vietnam War? That he took all those ribbons and medals that were presented to him and he threw them on the steps of the Capital building and in so doing slapped the face of every soldier who bled and died for this country. Did you also know he led an investigation against US hero Oliver North concerning the Contra rebels back when Reagan was President?
I'll say the same thing about Kerry as I did in my Mosaic Report about Clark... Just because you were in the US Military, doesn't mean that you can smear the country or the uniform after you get out. Even if you hold the highest office in the military (that would be the Commander in Chief i.e. the President of the United States) that doesn't give you the right to be a traitor (i.e. Bill Clinton). Here are some more facts about Kerry. He's a supporter of gay rights, he voted against mandatory sentences for drug dealers who deal to children. He's against the death penalty... even for those who kill policemen! He supports a higher gas tax and also supports disability payments to drug addicts and alcoholics. That means YOUR tax dollars paying for street drugs and booze! Does this sound like a "moderate" to you... even for a liberal? I think Kerry is a disgrace. What kind of man can have such opinions and run for the Presidency of the United States? G-d have mercy on us.
I do not believe that Kerry will win. President Bush is already unleashing his 200 million dollar campaign and he will win and I'm glad he will. The President has made some mistakes, no doubt that is true. He has prayed in mosques and has said that Allah is the same as G-d. That is blasphemy. The DEMONcrats blaspheme almost on a daily basis. The Demoncrats also support abortion as does John Kerry and President Bush is still against it. It is clear who we are to vote for in this election. It'll still be a tight run but you must still be a responsible voter... like my American wife.
Shalom in Yeshua,
Rabbi Stanley

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